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Answer by Roxana Petrus


Q: "What are some concrete tools people can use to better sit with uncertainty?"


Answer by Rebecca Ogle

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist

Q: "I've been putting off an important task and the guilt that I feel about it has been bringing me down. I'm usually a very conscientious person but somehow, I just can’t bring myself to get on with it and this is taking a toll on my emotions. What may be the best way to conquer this?"


Answer by Lucy Whitehall

Positive Psychologist and Masters Level Coach

Q: "When I get stressed, I fail to put into practice all the advice I have read and been given. In particular, mindfulness focused breathing, which should be relatively easy to put into practice (I have been doing yoga on/off for years). Why don't I think to put it to good use when I need it the most?"