"This toolkit is amazing! I was so surprised at all the information it covered. Comprehensive, resourceful, clear and easy to use and understand, it covers so many tools that will be useful to assist in helping achieve goals such as boosting energy, reducing anxiety, building new helpful habits and obtaining goals. I would highly recommend this kit to professional and clients alike. Thanks so much Wellness Society team!"

"This is a very beautifully designed pack for professional use with clients. The variety of documents provided is great, easy to understand and normalising/non-stigmatising.

There is enough variety to personalise what materials you use with each client, from evidence-based materials/techniques to quotes, printables and phone prompts.

It is often difficult to find materials that are trustworthy or well designed and easy for clients to understand and use so this is great. There is good mix of longer packs and shorter resources that again you can personalise for the client."

"Since I bought the toolkit, I have made a lot of progress on how to manage my anxiety and rumination. You have to do the work and put in the effort, but the examples and language used are easy to understand. I also like that I receive new content every time there is an update without having to buy the toolkit again. Thank you for all the tools."

"The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit has been an amazing tool in my mental health journey. On top of using medication and online CBT therapy, the toolkit allows me to feel like I’m taking charge of my mental health.

I use different exercises from the toolkit daily and I track my moods every day! I also love the colours that were used to create the toolkit; they are soothing to look at which makes using the toolkit just that much more enjoyable! I’m so happy I stumbled upon The Wellness Society and I cannot wait to use other resources created by them!"

"The Wellness Society’s Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is an incredibly worthwhile self-guided program for developing practical skills to improve your day-to-day mental health. It is a well-structured course delivered in an approachable and gentle tone and each step is relevant, clear, and achievable.

Using the tools I learned through the program, I was able to enhance and refine my emotional coping skills which is helping me manage my anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

The Toolkit encourages making small, incremental changes to your thinking patterns and behavior and I really feel I’m finishing the course with a new understanding of how my thoughts influence my feelings as well as a new ability to manage my mental wellness.

The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is full of valuable information and exercises that I was able to complete at my own pace, in my own home and I’m really grateful I made the choice to invest in myself and learn skills to improve my mental health and wellbeing."

"You use simple vocabulary and you break down topics so they become easy to understand. Thank you very much. I found more actionable things to address my mental health in this toolkit than I have in years of therapy."

"I have been using The Wellness Society Professional Toolkit with clients over the past couple of months. The toolkit offers an array of resources meaning that as a coach you can support your clients in a holistic way.

I have used the toolkit with my 1-2-1 clients and also during group sessions and both have proved successful. My clients have particularly enjoyed the ‘GROW Planner’ resource and have found it incredibly useful.

The design of the resources means that they can be easily followed and are very aesthetically pleasing. I have very much enjoyed adding this toolkit to my way of working and will continue to use it in the future."

"The mental wellbeing toolkit is an incredible and all-embracing package that I wish existed when I was first seeking support myself when I was a teenager.

Self-care comes in many forms, and this captures diverse therapeutic approaches to regulate emotions. I especially love the ‘Lasting Habits System’ and the wonderful ‘Thinking Slow Method’ that includes examples for the reader and encourages mindful thought processes.

Nothing has been missed, right down to the positive emotion prompts for those who may be struggling to know where to start. You can pick and choose what you need the most, and it’s just an incredible kit to better understand yourself.

It is refreshing to see an approach that entwines mental health with physical health too... I thoroughly recommend this toolkit!"

"I am a Health and Wellness Coach and have my own online coaching business. I stumbled upon The Wellness Society when I was looking for resources to coach my clients. I was impressed from the very first moment. The topics, ideas, and presentation suited my style and I decided to purchase the toolkit.

It proved to be a great investment. Previously, I used to research for hours and hours, spent nights writing the content and designing the layout of client documents. Now, I don't have to worry about it at all and can focus on actual coaching.

The toolkit offered by The Wellness Society covers all areas of positive psychology, stress and emotion, mood management, habits and behaviour, mindfulness, etc. All these are easy to understand for clients and they feel invited to complete session assignments with these worksheets.

I totally love the resources and highly recommend to wellness coaches who want to save their time and money."

"The phone reminders are such an easy quick thing to pull up when you are out and about and feeling anxiety or panic. I love the Thinking slow method - the background information is so clear and concise. There isn’t any odd jargon and even though I am a mental health social worker myself, the “Stories” we tell ourselves part was a major lightbulb moment."

"I loved the beautiful design and the simplicity of the layouts. The inspirational quotes were very apt. My favorite sections of the toolkit were the habits and positive emotions sections. I thought the tips laid out were practical, achievable and encouraging. The printouts at the end made me feel like it was something I could do - and wanted to do! The whole toolkit overall was immensely helpful, encouraging, and practical."

"My favourite element of the toolkit is mainly the structure of it and that it is not daunting as a whole activity book. It is broken up into sections that are easy to follow and achievable."

"I really like the simplistic and minimalistic design of the toolkit because it makes it easy to read (even with ADD) and aesthetically pleasing/professional. I love that for each suggestion (examples: how to make your room darker, how to find distraction techniques that work for you), there are multiple options available to different types of people (free resources, printables, products to buy, apps to use). This makes the toolkit more realistic and accessible for everyone.

I also like the layout of each part of the toolkit having a thorough explanation with examples and then a worksheet to fill out for quick use in a situation. I like that these worksheet pages can be printed and put into the A5 binder. The idea to create an A5 binder is particularly helpful because it makes the info digestible and easy to access in daily life."

“As a therapist, one of my major goals is to continuously update myself about different tools, techniques and strategies that could be beneficial to the work I do with clients as well as support my own personal growth and self-care.

This toolkit has been a great addition to my tool bag of strategies to support my own mental health and has become a valuable resource when trying to come up with creative ways to cope with anxiety and stress in a proactive hands on way.

The different articles, exercises, worksheets, links, and recommendations of videos have been very helpful since they have provided me with different ways to explain to clients how their body and mind react to different situations and provide them with innovative strategies that can help them navigate the different stressors of life.

This toolkit has been a very unique, transformational resource since it has allowed me to remember the importance of taking care of myself as a mental health provider while at the same time being able to support my clients more proactively on their own unique journeys.”

"Thank you for providing clinicians with these resources! I love all the quotes to print out/use on social media/text to clients! I can't imagine the time and effort you have spent creating these graphics and worksheets! THANK YOU!!!

I really like how you correlated the tools to client goals in the "Welcome, Start Here" download. Some of my favorites are: The Wheel of Life, The Feelings Wheel, session summary worksheets for the clinician, parts work based on IFS, the self-soothing techniques, and grounding techniques.

This is all very organized and well written. I am seriously overwhelmed at how much work has been put into this project!"

"The Professional's Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is an invaluable resource overflowing with ready to use materials. The thought, care and attention to detail put into all of the handouts, worksheets and forms means I'll be coming back to reference them for years to come. Thank you Wellness Society for putting together such an excellent tool!"

"As a trainee therapist in my second year I have found The Wellness Society's material to be a very easy resource to understand. It's so clear and laid out in such a user friendly format. After working at home for the past three weeks (due to the global pandemic) my mental health had taken a dip - this resource is helping me get through this, especially The Positive Emotions Journal.

Professionally I had hit a brick wall but I feel that since I've taken the time to familiarize myself with the techniques in Toolkit, I'm starting to get my mojo back. Thanks so much for this, I believe I'll be using this in years to come."

"I consider the resources from the Wellness Society one of the most important discoveries I made at the start of the pandemic. I purchased the Wellbeing toolkit and though I haven't gone through all the activities/prompts, I find that they are visually appealing and user friendly.

The suggestions are practical and doable. I also look forward to your email updates with links on various articles and answers to questions. Thank you so much!"

"It’s an amazing kit! I find it very helpful. It makes things a lot easier for therapists as well as giving you new ideas on how to help your patients. My patients and I really like The Better Sleep Planner and The Lasting Habits System!

As a therapist, I really like the Sessions Reflections Worksheets, Feelings Wheel, Mood and Anxiety Trackers and Client Information Sheets. This really makes things much easier for me!"

"The things I like best about the toolkit: The expertise of the content and information. The friendly non-jargon approach. The feeling that its professional advice in an accessible, easy to read document. Like a leaflet you’d pick up at the doctors but with way more help and advice in it."

"The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit was a breath of fresh air. The most beneficial tool for me was The Thinking Slow Method. I was kind of amazed at how much I was noticing the presence of some of my identified thinking patterns.

I also noticed that with the increasing severity of the Covid-19 pandemic these patterns were appearing a little more. However, I was grateful because I caught them a lot quicker and was able to cope better in the moment."

"This toolkit helped me to heal my mental and physical health one thing at a time. It has everything you need to create good habits and get better quality sleep whilst improving your self-awareness and getting to know and heal yourself from the inside.

This toolkit took me from depressive with no hope for the future to blossoming, with good relationships, goals and better habits for success. This toolkit is like 10 therapy sessions in one."

"When I found The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit, it was like all the knowledge I had accumulated over the last decade was neatly organized and easy to understand all in one place. I love that there is an integration of several therapy methods, (CBT, DBT, ACT, Mindfulness, etc). I found most of these methods to be effective in helping me develop healthy coping skills that I regularly use.

The Lasting Habits System creates motivation for me to follow through with healthy behavior and helps keep accountability. In the past, I have found it difficult to stick with things but this Toolkit kept me engaged and I will continue using it. I also plan on recommending it to my family and friends."

"My favorite part of the toolkit would have to be The Thinking Slow Method. I have read and re-read that section and have filled out the flashcards. I really appreciate how much information there is but that is said in a very clear, concise way. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 so I don't have a lot of extra time to read long informational books, but this toolkit is set up so well that I had read through everything the first time in just a couple of days.

With my personal history and working toward bettering myself as a person, wife and mother, I have been implementing many of the tools in the kit. I find the conscious act of identifying what cognitive distortion is going on is very effective and I have had a lot of new insights come to me.

I also really like the variety of trackers and the many positive emotions journaling prompts. I plan to continue using and referencing this toolkit and have confidence that with practice and perseverance my overall emotional well being will continue to improve and that I can pass down a lot of good habits to my kids. Thank you so much for the gift of learning how to better guide my mind and heart."

"The Wellness Society’s Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is a wonderful resource for anyone who supports adults with their health and wellbeing. In addition, I really like that it includes a section with resources to remind and support professionals to take time out to manage and nurture their own mental health and wellbeing. It really has everything you need all in one place.

The toolkit is very user friendly, it's clearly presented with a great use of uplifting colours, visuals and fonts to support ease of use. All the materials give a clear explanation of the topic covered, with key insights, tips, space for thought and additional information.

The kit has a wide range of tools and resources, from practical tips, breathing exercises and self monitoring to TED talks, website links and more. I enjoy the expert quotes through the pack which offer encouragement and focus to both myself and my client.

Simply everything has been covered, making this kit a valuable time saving resource. You can feel really confident using the toolkit, as the wide range of approaches used are evidenced-based and up to date. I found the client goal/relevant tool handout extremely useful and time-saving, however my favourite section in the kit would be the Lasting Habits System as here it really demonstrates how beneficial taking a holistic approach to our health is. Here tips and information are provided around; food, physical activity, mood and sleep and how taking small steps can lead to big differences.

Finally, any updates to the kit and further support resources are available for free! Thank you Wellness Society for sharing your brilliant work. I feel very fortunate to have found you."

"It is everything a coach can ask for and more. The toolkit is not only a time saver but also a great professional support - and let's not forget how well designed it is. I am all about tools and it is amazing to have a variety of strategies I can offer, ready to go.

This kit is so thoughtful, it is easy to navigate through and provides options for a variety of issues and challenges.

If as a coach you spend a lot of time on creating personalised exercises for your clients then you'll love this. If you're a new coach trying to figure out your approach and tools, again you'll love this. If you believe branding and a coherent presence is essential, you will also love this. And just in general, if your priority and focus is on creating an empowering client experience, you'll definitely love this. There is no doubt it is worth the investment."

"If you're working to support the wellbeing of others, I'd recommend having the Professional Mental Wellbeing Toolkit by your side. It's not just filled with ready-to-use templates to ease your work with clients (so you don't have to reinvent the wheel) but also full of helpful content for your own personal wellbeing.

Some of my favourite content has been 'The Better Sleep Planner' and 'The Thinking Slow Method', which I've used to support clients as well as use for my personal benefit. For me, coaching individuals on stress and burnout can be heavy, exhausting and can take a toll on me. Which makes it even more important for me to check in with myself and be able to find meaningful content on how I can take care of my own physical and mental wellness so I can continue the work I do. This is what the toolkit has been helping me with. Plus what's also beautiful about the toolkit, is that it brings together all these various aspects of wellbeing, printables, coaching questions, templates and helpful tips into one bundle so you don't have to search everywhere and start from scratch - thank you!!"

"The Wellness Society’s Professional’s Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is everything a mental health provider needs. From professional note documentation forms, to prompts for the provider’s conceptualizations and personal musings, to beautiful printable inspirational quotes, to endless tools and packets for clients.

This toolkit is so comprehensive that it is well worth at least 3x its price as it has much more content than I had anticipated. The information is cutting edge and evidenced-based. I can also foresee utilizing the forms for my own personal growth and development.

I see myself rarely needing other materials given how complete this toolkit is. My favorite resource is the better sleep planner. I’m so grateful to own this toolkit, a very worthwhile investment."