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We empower coaches, therapists, individuals and organisations with easily digestible and beautifully designed mental wellbeing tools.

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The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

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Meet Rebecca

Mental health has been my greatest interest ever since I was a young teenager. I remember the first book I got out of the library – it was called ‘A Casebook in Abnormal Psychology.’

The more I’ve learned, the more I’ve come to understand ‘common mental health disorders’ not as ‘abnormal psychology’, but as normal human responses to trauma and the society we live in.

We are against overmedicalising mental health.

Our goal is to create easily digestible tools designed with low motivation and energy in mind, based on the latest science showing that depression and anxiety are not separate constructs.

Our vision was shared by Jamma International, who granted us funding in 2017 to launch our project.

I hope our toolkit is life-changing for you.

Take care,