32 Affirmations for Anxiety + Free Anxiety Coping Statements PDF

Here are 32 anxiety coping statements written by anxiety sufferers, for anxiety sufferers.

Why not bookmark this page and read it next time anxiety or panic sets in?

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anxiety coping statements pdf

Anxiety Coping Statements

1. This is only temporary.
2. My emotions do not reflect reality.
3. I can handle uncertainty.
4. This is not an emergency, it's okay to take my time.
5. Be kind to yourself.
6. I accept and allow this feeling.
7. I can handle discomfort - this too shall pass.
8. Just breathe.
9. There's no such thing as a "perfect" solution. Nothing in life is perfect. "Good enough" is okay.
10. I will not believe my brain when it's catastrophising.
11. I cannot read people's minds. I cannot predict the future.
12. What I'm feeling is a normal human emotion and it will pass.
13. It's just anxiety.
14. I choose to stay in the present.
15. Thoughts are not facts.
16. I've handled this feeling before and I'll handle it again. I will be okay.
17. I choose to be proactive, not reactive.
18. I will not let "what if?" thoughts consume me.
19. I will acknowledge the positives even when my brain focuses on the negatives.
20. My stress response helps me perform. My stress response has helped keep me safe. I am grateful for my body and what it does for me.
21. I refuse to stress about the small things.
22. Not everyone will approve of me, and that's okay.
23. The world is full of shades of grey. I will not engage in unhelpful black-and-white thinking.
24. Whatever happens, I'll handle it.
25. I am resilient.
26. I can handle change.
27. I will not listen to the negative assumptions my brain makes before assessing the full situation.
28. I will focus on what I can control.
29. I lean into discomfort. This too shall pass.
30. I am stronger than I realise.
31. It's okay to slow down.
32. I can choose to distract myself. This feeling will pass as I focus elsewhere.

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