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This worksheet is a free excerpt from The Stress and Autostress Workbook


What People Say About the STOP Technique

"I like this and use it a lot when I’m feeling overwhelmed or my paranoia is running out of control. For me I also use the P for Perspective as I tend to get things out of all proportion."
"You can also snap a rubber band to physically enforce the STOP. When I started doing this, I was snapping that band constantly. When you notice you’re having a negative thought that’s not helping you, snap the band. Ground yourself. Drink a sip of water, imagine you’re a rooted tree, etc. Observe your thoughts.

I'd say 90% of the time I’m thinking the same types of “the sky is falling” thoughts that my brain latched on to that I can just let go. Realizing that is wonderful. My brain latches on to all thoughts and weighs them all as IMPORTANT!

Doing the rubber band snap brings me down fast, from my head into an action. Most of the time, I can release the thought and get back to productive things."

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