Bereavement Support

Local Support Groups

Many local services from Cruse Bereavement Care offer groups where bereaved people can talk about what they are feeling and share advice. Groups might include: a set number of support sessions with the same group of people, friendship groups, family groups and groups for those in particular circumstances, such as those bereaved by suicide.

You can also use the NHS website to find local bereavement support services.

Meetup also has a number of bereavement groups around the world. Whether you are a caregiver and in the process of losing someone or already have lost someone, these groups allow you to talk about your challenges in a safe, supportive environment with people who have experienced it and understand.

The Childhood Bereavement Network lists local services for child bereavement support on their website.


The Bereavement Trust charity runs a helpline with trained volunteers offering comfort, support and practical advice to the bereaved from 6pm until 10pm on 0800 435 455. If the line is engaged, ring 0800 9177 416.

The Child Death Helpline is ran by trained volunteers who have also lost a child. You can call them on 0800 282 986 or 0808 800 6019 if you’re calling from a mobile. They’re open Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm, Tuesdays 1pm to 4pm, Wednesdays 1pm to 4pm and every evening 7pm to 10pm.

Befriender Services

The Lullaby Trust offer a befriender service for those affected by infant deaths. The befriender can contact by phone or email, and can stay in contact for as long as you both agree to. All their befrienders have been bereaved for over 4 years, and most for many more. They have all been given specialist training on how to be a listening support.

If you’re interested in connecting with a Befriender, please contact their Bereavement Support service by calling 0808 802 6868 between 10am and 5pm on working days, or email support@lullabytrust.org.uk.


Bereavement Advice Centre supports and advises people on what they need to do after a death. You can call them for free on 0800 634 9494.

The government website also provides information on what to do when someone dies.