A collection of feedback we've received throughout the years...


Thank you for providing clinicians with these resources! I love all the quotes to print out/use on social media/text to clients! I can't imagine the time and effort you have spent creating these graphics and worksheets! THANK YOU!!! I really like how you correlated the tools to client goals in the "Welcome, Start Here" download. Some of my favorites are: The Wheel of Life, The Feelings Wheel, session summary worksheets for the clinician, parts work based on IFS, the self-soothing techniques, and grounding techniques. This is all very organized and well written. I am seriously overwhelmed at how much work has been put into this project!


The mental wellbeing toolkit is an incredible and all-embracing package, that I wish existed when I was first seeking support myself when I was a teenager. Self care comes in many forms, and this captures diverse therapeutic approaches to regulate emotions. I especially love the ‘Lasting Habits System’ and their wonderful ‘Thinking Slow Method’ that includes examples for the reader and encourages mindful thought processes. Nothing has been missed, right down to the positive emotion prompts for those who may be struggling to know where to start. You can pick and choose what you need the most, and it’s just an incredible kit to better understand yourself. It is refreshing to see an approach that entwines mental health with physical health too... I thoroughly recommend this toolkit!


I can't praise you enough!! I absolutely love your articles to support my own wellbeing. But they are also so inciteful as a Wellbeing and Life Coach myself. The summary at the end always pulls everything together so well. Thank you for the wisdom shared.


I consider the resources from the Wellness Society one of the most important discoveries I made at the start of the pandemic.  I purchased the Wellbeing toolkit and though I haven't gone through all the activities/prompts, I find that they are visually appealing and user friendly. The suggestions are practical and doable. I also look forward to your email updates with links on various articles and answers to questions.  I do hope you would continue providing these resources. Thank you so much!


Hi there!!! I just wanted to say, your guides are AMAZING!!!!!! I absolutely love your approach to therapy and how it’s so compassionate focused. As soon as I get paid I will be purchasing your wellbeing toolkit for professionals. Thanks for sharing such awesome work!


I've found your emails and resources extremely useful. The emails have prompted me to consistently act to support staff welfare, and the information and resources have been interesting and easy to digest allowing high levels of staff engagement. 


I found your booklet through a share from Dr Joe Oliver. It is the best and most useful advice I have seen since CV 19 began. Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated. I have shared it with family and work colleagues.


This is the first self help book I've actually bought, started and finished, I've bought a lot! I'd like to think I know quite a bit about anxiety and stress already but I learnt so much from this book that helped me understand myself better plus exercises and tips I feel I can apply to myself. This book has also helped me feel positive again that I can move forward from where I am. Loved the no nonsense, clear explanations and also the metaphors, thoughtful and inspiring quotes from other people and references to research and neuroscience. Thank you so much for a great and helpful read. Will be recommending to others.


I’m a therapist from Indiana. I became aware of your work with the COVID Anxiety Workbook which I've passed on to others as a resource. Your emails are interesting and useful and I've saved many of them since I've been added to the mailing list. Keep up the good work. 


Hello, We are a large Family Health Team supporting many patients in the community. We had to cancel several mental health groups due to Covid-19 and have been looking for a way to support patients with anxiety related to the pandemic. We recently received a link to your Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook through one of our colleagues at a hospital. We think that your workbook will be a very helpful tool for patients and the wider community that will be able to access our virtual groups. Thank you so much for creating this resource and for making it open for anyone to utilize. We are truly appreciative during this difficult time.


Most of the emails I receive unless from family and friends are ones I quickly delete.  When I see yours, I am glad inside and eager to see what you have to share.  Insights, life skills, understanding.  Thank you! 


I am an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach having my own online coaching business. I stumbled upon The Wellness Society when I was looking for resources to coach my clients. I was impressed from the very first moment. The topics, ideas, and presentation suited my style and I decided to purchase the toolkit. It proved to be a great investment. Previously, I used to research for hours and hours the journals, spent nights writing the content, designing the layout of client documents. Now, I don't have to worry about it at all and can focus on actual coaching. The toolkit offered by The Wellness Society covers all areas of positive psychology, stress and emotion, mood management, habits and behaviour, mindfulness, etc. All these are easy to understand for clients and they feel invited to complete session assignments with these worksheets. I totally love the resources and highly recommend to wellness coaches who want to save their time and money. Other psychology and wellness resource sites I tried have mostly fluff and offer no real value. One great thing about The Wellness Society is that once you buy their toolkit you will receive future updates with no extra cost. The support team is highly receptive and were always ready to address my queries. The Wellness Society has a generous amount of free resources which are equally amazing. Wish the team all the very best and may they achieve great success with their high quality work.


I love your resources - the website is brilliant, full of useful and helpful information but my particular favourite and something I have referred to repeatedly over the last two years is your Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook - it has been invaluable. Full of practical and sensible information.


Brilliant! It's well written, gentle and easy to read. It's definitely a book I would recommend to readers suffering from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Having read a lot of 'self-help' and 'CBT framework' books, which to be honest have been and can be too overwhelming, this book had the opposite effect and was actually very helpful. I went through a bit of 'dip' recently triggered by stress at work and this book was a wonderful guide for me. Many thanks to the author!


I've really benefited from the workbooks on anxiety and sleep, especially the one pertaining to covid.  I was really anxious about returning to work during the pandemic in the fall of 2020, and it helped me prepare myself and figure out what to do to make it more bearable.  Thank you for your work!


Hello, I just wanted to let your team know how grateful I am for your development of the Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook. What an amazing resource for those struggling! My therapist passed it along to me because I love having "assignments" (I am an editor, so naturally all my work is project-based) and this is a wonderful interpretation of measurable thoughtwork. I know so many people whose routines are like my own similarly benefitted from the combination of considered research and written activities. Thank you for your positivity and meaningful use of your skills during this time!


You are exceptionally useful! I am a professional and I love your stuff and use it with my clients too! Super useful, I am a hybrid professional and work as an artist and performance psychologist so mental topics made beautiful is all my bag!


Wow this article gives me SO MANY tips, tricks, techniques and apps to try out! Dealing with overwhelm is ongoingly the aspect of my mental health that I struggle the most with. As I type this I am coming out of a ten day long severe depressive episode which was brought on by overwhelm, so helpful articles like this are exactly the kind of content I need to be consuming right now, so thank you, I am definitely going to bookmark and i’ll share to my instagram.


Understanding of terms like autostress and stress reactivity was like a light bulb moment for me. I have read many books on anxiety and the psychological effects of illness and stress and this book definitely provided a breath of fresh air. Written in an easy to read and understand format with bullet points.


I am a professional employed by a Personalized Recovery Oriented Services program (PROS) in NY.  We provide both individual and group services to individuals diagnosed with mental health illnesses.  I use much of your material when meeting with clients as it is so positive, hopeful, easy to understand, and user friendly.  Thank you for continuing to produce such great resource material. 


The Coronavirus anxiety workbook helped me and many of my work colleagues get through the last two years of the pandemic – thank you so much for making this available.


You have been super useful! Thank you for all the work you do in helping others. Your workbooks are easy to use and are well written. Please keep doing what you do!


This book is very well written and brought very easy to understand concepts that I've found to have already improved my quality of life. I strongly recommend this for people who want to get a better understanding of how their mind works and how they can use that to better their lives.


I have downloaded a few resources of yours. Of late, I am using the coaching wheel and it's been really helpful. I do like the selection of resources. They are simple, concise, and applicable. 


I just wanted to let you know that the workbook you put together is amazing. It was sent to me through The United Way. I downloaded the workbook and emailed it to over 60 coworkers. I know that many people will benefit from what you put together - so thank you!


I am slow to implement some of your recommendations BUT I read many of your emails and love the helpful advice and guidance. Please don't stop doing what you do. You are appreciated and are the only encouragement that actually resonates with me.


I have been using The Wellness Society Professional Toolkit with clients over the past couple of months. The toolkit offers an array of resources meaning that as a coach you can support your clients in a holistic way. I have used the toolkit with my 1-2-1 clients and also during group sessions and both have proved successful. My clients have particularly enjoyed the ‘Self Coaching’ resource and have found it incredibly useful. The design of the resources means that they can be easily followed and are very aesthetically pleasing. I have very much enjoyed adding this toolkit to my way of working and will continue to use it in the future.


You use simple vocabulary and you break down topic so they become easy to understand. Thank you very much. 


Thank you so much for emailing me because I have been looking for a way to thank you for all the emails you send me, the links and the most helpful tools and information that I love receiving. I always value your communication with me as you sound such a caring group which is why I am still subscribed to you all. Please do keep up the emails and links you send me, the attachments are useful and are a great help. 


This is a very beautifully designed pack for professional use with clients. The variety of documents provided is great, easy to understand and normalising/non-stigmatising. There is enough variety to personalise what materials you use with each client, from evidence-based materials/techniques to quotes, printables and phone prompts. It is often difficult to find materials that are trustworthy or well designed and easy for clients to understand and use so this is great. There is good mix of longer packs and shorter resources that again you can personalise for the client.


I found more actionable things to address my mental health in this toolkit than I have in years of therapy. I found it so helpful that I have added it to my WRAP plan. 


Your emails and content are very helpful to me. I have depression, anxiety and possibly adult ADHD, together with numerous physical health issues and your content helps me in many ways. Thank you for all you do.


This book is just the right length - it covers a variety of useful information but stays snappy enough to keep your attention, with some detailed scientific and medical discussion lightened by using everyday language - and cats! Particularly useful for someone who's had a basic introduction to CBT already.


It’s an amazing kit! I find it very helpful. It makes things a lot easier for therapists, as well as giving you new ideas on how to help your patients. My patients and I really like The Better Sleep Planner and The Lasting Habits System! As a therapist, I really like the Sessions Reflections Worksheets, Feelings Wheel, Mood and Anxiety Trackers and Client Information Sheets. This really makes things much easier for me!


You have been very helpful! I've used your information, especially the publications with clear, understandable language, in my practice.


Oh my yes you've been grounding and have helped me to fortify and encourage myself through my anxiety and stress as a high risk occupation as a Dental Hygienist. On so many levels I read and refer back to the Wellness PDF and numerous articles so well written with honesty and deep compassion. Keep the excellence coming and helping others, especially in these Covid Years. Forever Grateful to all of you.


I'm a health psychologist in California and saw your coronavirus workbook on Twitter. I just wanted to tell you that it is REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! So jazzed that someone took this time to produce such quality work.


We have started utilizing the suggestions outlined in the anxiety workbook for personnel and clients at the Lawrence Community Shelter. Anxiety and stress are common presentations among our homeless guests at the shelter. We believe, and have already observed, a reduction in anxiety levels within our shelter guests from utilizing your workbook....thanks for this gem!


Brilliant book - so much useful material in there and all presented in such an accessible way. The inclusion of a case study of sorts that runs through each chapter is really helpful in showing how the theory can apply to people’s experiences and also offering hope that things can get better. Loads of other stuff that I was impressed by too, like the use of humour; use of a wide range of literature; the reframing of our body’s stress response as something potentially helpful that we can transform; inclusion of values; and all the summaries that make it easier to process and retain the content of each chapter. Would strongly recommend!


As someone who's been dealing with stress and anxiety, I found this book extremely helpful and enlightening. It has helped me understand better where these feelings come from and how to deal with them. It's also very comprehensive, easy to read and fun. 100% would recommend!


This is definitely worth a read! It is written is a really easy to grasp way without being patronising. The structure and layout makes it easier to digest than others I have read. The stories and characters make it very relatable. I have had mental health support in a variety of ways over the years but still learnt lots of new things from this.


I am a mental health nurse practitioner and I want to say thank you so much for putting together the coronavirus anxiety workbook. Now is a struggle for many of my patients and this has been a huge help.


Life changing. Such a great read. Enough scientificy type stuff to trust what Rebecca says but explained in such an easy to understand and digestible way. I've now purchased the toolkit and am loving it already. Great to have a step by step guide to progress forward with and put all the great advice she gives into practice.


Easy to read, clear structure, insightful concepts, practical tools, holistic approach, useful summaries, scientific evidence, entertaining elements - who would have thought that reading about stress could be such a breeze and at the same time deeply educational with learnings that can make a significant difference. If you are not sure whether you need to read a book about stress, don't worry - you will find this one helpful either way. If you are just somewhat curious about how your mind works and how you can make the best of it, read it!


I would highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing mental health issues, as well as those who have loved ones who suffer. This totally altered my approach to understanding certain states of anxiety and learning to cope. I have now used the concepts in this book to help offer advice to friends and family who are going through mental health issues. A must-read for all!!!


Having read plenty of books on mental health, most particularly those focusing on anxiety and stress, The Framework stands out from the crowd. The concept of 'autostress' is something that seems so painstakingly obvious yet before reading The Framework, I was oblivious to. Autostress is a concept that resonates with me wholeheartedly and to have term for that feeling and know I'm not alone in facing it, made me feel better. I would highly recommend reading The Framework whether you are facing anxiety/stress, a loved one is or if you just have a personal interest in mental health.


When I was diagnosed with Childhood Trauma a few years ago, I researched quite a bit to understand more about the healing path, key objectives, therapies, self care routines and books. I did find the information but the information online was scattered across multiple online resources and bits and pieces were shared in trauma support groups.I recently came across this brilliant resource put together by The Wellness Society and gladly started sharing it with different support groups and received great response. The beauty of this resource is in its brevity while hitting the important points to give a newly diagnosed trauma survivor a bird’s eye view of the trauma healing path. It really is a synopsis of the best resources that took me about two years to discover that these are really the best resources and also pointers to the best experts. I would highly recommend this ebook to the beginners in their journey and also to anybody including therapists who can help make this useful guide more widely available.


If you are looking to find further resources about trauma, then this book is a good starting point. It is a Kindle version which gives a brief overview of trauma. It is helpful in the sense that it provides a large amount of links to other resources, youtube videos, trauma-centres etc. A very good starting point on your journey to heal from injustices and traumatic experiences in our lives. Bless you all as you walk this journey of trauma-healing.


Fluff free, to the point, not repetitive and with plenty of suggestions for follow up. Will be forwarding to a few others I know will benefit. Thank you.


Factual but not too intense. The perfect insight into understand and healing trauma. I will definetly suggest this book to others.


I am a Career Advisor with Lane County, Oregon, working at the Department of Human Services in Eugene, OR. Thank you so much for putting together this book!! I love it. I find a lot of things in there to be good reminders, and there is a lot of good new information, and I find it all very useful.


The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit has been an amazing tool in my mental health journey. On top of using medication and online CBT therapy, the toolkit allows me to feel like I’m taking charge of my mental health. I use different exercises from the toolkit daily and I track my moods everyday! I also love the colours that were used to create the toolkit; they are soothing to look at which make using the toolkit just that much more enjoyable! I’m so happy I stumbled upon The Wellness Society and I cannot wait to use other resources created by them!


I have told EVERYBODY ABOUT YOUR WORKBOOK! I can’t believe it was FREE! It could have been $100 for all that was in there! I love all your resources!!! I have always believed pts need "Homework " for all the 11,000 minutes they are NOT in session to because they are only with me for 53 minutes! Thank you so much!


My AWARE grant team at Region 3 Education Service Center in Victoria, Texas really loves your Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook! We appreciate that you have made it so that it is not copyrighted, and we can share it with the school staff and students with whom we are working. When presenting your workbook to our schools, we plan to share it electronically and have our audience have it handy while we “go through” the pages with them in a virtual setting.


Thanks for the freebies. I will begin facilitating a Healing Trauma class at the local Women’s prison next month using Covington’s Healing Trauma materials and am looking for supplemental information. These are great. Thanks again!


Just wanted to let you know how useful this publication has been for fellow professionals, friends, family and patients. It gives practical advice and information and above all it’s not patronising as many books can be. Many thanks.