Mental Health Wallpapers

Sick of downloading fuzzy wallpapers from Pinterest and Google? Look no further! Here's a set of 21 crystal clear wallpapers featuring inspiring mental health quotes - as requested by members of our community.

You can also choose your own quotes and colours with our custom set offer!

All mental health wallpapers are in JPG format with 828 x 1792px dimensions. These can easily be resized to fit phones with similar dimensions.

Files will be emailed to you immediately after your payment clears.

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Featured Quotes: This Too Shall Pass, Things Get Better, Be Gentle With Yourself

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Featured Quotes: You Deserve to Be Loved and Treated Well, You Are Enough, You Are Worthy

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Featured Quotes: Be Kind to Your Mind, The Serenity Prayer (Includes an Additional Version With "God" at the Beginning) and Thoughts Aren't Facts

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Featured Quotes: One Day at a Time, It’s Okay if All You Did Today Was Breathe, Your Feelings and Needs Matter

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Featured Quotes: You Belong Here, Be Kind to Yourself, Keep Going

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Featured Quotes: Give Yourself Grace, Tomorrow Is a New Day, You Are Loved

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Featured Quotes: You Got This, Healing Is Not Linear, One Thing One Day One Hour at a Time

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Custom Set of 3

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