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Cognitive Distortions List

  • Mental Filter: Magnifying negative information by filtering out or disqualifying the positives.
  • Catastrophising: Thoughts or mental imagery jumping to worst case scenarios.
  • Labelling: Assigning global negative traits to oneself or others based on limited events.
  • Black and White Thinking: The tendency to use either/or categories (i.e., good/bad, right/wrong, always/never).
  • "Should" Statements: Criticising yourself or others with “should,” “must,” or “need to” statements.
  • Emotional Reasoning: Believing that your thoughts must be true due to the associated emotional response.
  • Overgeneralisation: Making broad negative conclusions based on limited information or events.
  • Personalisation and Blame: Reducing the complex causations of events to either oneself or others.
  • Mind Reading: Assuming knowledge of other people’s thoughts or intentions.
  • Fortune Telling: Assuming knowledge and accurate predictions regarding the future.

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