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Stressed? Anxious?

Join the club. It's estimated that 70-90% of doctors' visits are due to stress-related issues.

Perhaps you feel a bit like a duck swimming in a pond right now – appearing calm on the surface, but working hard underwater. You're not alone.

The good news is that unlike a lot of diseases, we understand how to improve mental health. And we're here to help you help yourself. Our self-help workbooks help you develop mental wellbeing skills so you can start feeling better today.

Self-Help Workbooks


Become stress-resilient with The Stress and Autostress Workbook

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Self-Help Workbooks

Self-Help Workbooks

Boost mood and energy levels with The Happiness and Mindful Living Planner

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Build habits that stick with The Habit Tracker and Planner

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Self-Help Workbooks

self-help toolkit

Our online library of self help tools helps you on your wellbeing journey

  • All our tools include additional online resources to help you along the way
  • Discover self-help methods for stress and physical anxiety, mental anxiety, low mood and overwhelm
  • Explore our top recommended resources to help you on your journey

Therapy Worksheets

Stand out from the crowd with our worksheets for professional use

Are you a therapist, counsellor or coach?

Our Therapy and Coaching Worksheets Bundle features the very best of our worksheets for professional use

Use and re-use with an unlimited number of clients for a one-off fee



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