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Dr. Janine Kreft (@kreftscouch)

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
"The Wellness Society’s Professional’s Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is everything a mental health provider needs. From professional note documentation forms, to prompts for the provider’s conceptualizations and personal musings, to beautiful printable inspirational quotes, to endless tools and packets for clients.

This toolkit is so comprehensive that it is well worth at least 3x its price as it has much more content than I had anticipated. The information is cutting edge and evidenced-based.

I see myself rarely needing other materials given how complete this toolkit is. My favorite resource is the better sleep planner. I’m so grateful to own this toolkit, a very worthwhile investment."


Jasmin Harding (@jasmania559)

"When I found The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit, it was like all the knowledge I had accumulated over the last decade was neatly organized and easy to understand all in one place.

I love that there is an integration of several therapy methods, (CBT, DBT, ACT, Mindfulness, etc). I found most of these methods to be effective in helping me develop healthy coping skills that I regularly use.

The Lasting Habits System creates motivation for me to follow through with healthy behavior and helps keep accountability.

In the past, I have found it difficult to stick with things but this toolkit kept me engaged and I will continue using it."

mental wellbeing