How to Do the Worry Time Exercise for Mental Anxiety

Robert Leahy, the author of The Worry Cure, created this technique for overcoming mental anxiety. Worry Time involves starting a habit of writing down your worries throughout the day and reviewing them at the end of the day. Aim to do this exercise daily for at least one week to see real positive change.

How to Do the Worry Time Exercise for Mental Anxiety



Schedule 15-30 minutes Worry Time in your diary, avoiding just before bedtime.

Note Worries

Make a note of your worries during the daytime. When you find yourself worrying about things you’ve already made a note of, remind yourself that you will focus on it at Worry Time (you may have to do this repeatedly).

Worry Time

During your scheduled Worry Time, you might also like to experiment with methods for cultivating your cognitive restructuring skills.

Review Worries

Do a weekly review to spot any patterns.

Benefits of the Worry Time Exercise

  • Most people who do The Worry Time Exercise for a few weeks soon realise their worries are repetitive and unimportant, which takes their power away from us
  • People also find that they become better at controlling when and where they experience worrying
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Add the Worry Time Exercise to Your Toolkit for Mental Anxiety

  • Discover plenty of guidance, techniques and practical exercises to help you take control of your mind and body
  • Improve your emotion regulation skills by compiling your toolkits and reviewing them in times of distress
  • Learn how developing mental wellbeing skills helps you rewire your brain and body