Method Description

The DOD Technique

The DOD Technique uses productivity tools to help you diffuse overwhelm and boost productivity. It involves three steps: Dump, Organise, Diarise.

Step One: Dump

Do a brain dump of everything that’s on your mind right now onto a sheet of paper (A3 works well for this).

Step Two: Organise

First, get some different coloured pens or highlighters, and categorise your brain dump into categories (e.g., work, life admin, finances, relationships, family, personal projects).

Next, put a tick next to items that you can take action on. If something is causing you emotional distress and you’re not sure what to do yet, your action might be ‘seek support’. Cross out everything you can't take action on.

Then, in Google Keep (or your preferred productivity tool), make a checklist for each category and add your actions, putting the most important and urgent at the top.

Step Three: Diarise

In Google Calendar (or your preferred calendar app/tool), diarise reminders to complete the most important and urgent actions from each Google Keep category.

Once you complete an action, cross it off your Google Keep checklist (cue a dopamine boost!), then diarise your next step.

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